Whirlpool 20 L Solo Microwave Oven (MAGICOOK PRO 20SE BLACK)


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About this item

  • 20L Capacity with Superior Powder Coated Cavity
  • Solo Microwave Freatures: Reheating, Defrosting and Cooking.
  • Brand does NOT provide starter kit with this product
  • Warranty:1 year comprehensive warranty on Product & 2 years on Magnetron.
  • 21 Auto Cook Menus & Defrost Function
  • Feather Touch Control with LED Display
  • 5 Power Levels
  • Components Included : 1 Unit Microwave, Warranty card & User Manual.


Press Type Door Lock

feather touch membrane

5 Power Levels

Up to 5 different power levels to help you enjoy delicious Indian dishes with the help of Multiple power levels

Press Type Door Lock

Save the space & enjoy the ease of Use with the Press Type Door Lock

Feather Touch Membrane

Easy to use feather touch control panel

Dahi / Yogurt

Dahi / Yogurt

Dahi / Yogurt

Dahi / Yogurt

Enjoy home made DAHI or sweetened Yogurt with New SOLO Microwave at the touch of the button.

LED Display

Easy to read digital numbers keep you informed about cooking time, power level and time at every stage of use.

Powder Coated Cavity

Enjoy your favorite Cuisines cooked inside Power Coated 20L cavity

defrost function

defrost function

defrost function

Defrost Function

The quickest way to thaw your frozen foods.


Keep a tab of time with the Clock feature of your Microwave.

Dough Rising

Now with Dough rising you can prepare the dough – the healthy way at home for all your Bhaturas or Breads

Glass turn table  and support (245mm)

Glass turn table  and support (245mm)

Glass turn table  and support (245mm)

Glass Turn Table And Support (245mm)

With the help of the large turntable, you can cook large quantity of food items, or reheat multiple food pots with ease in one go.

Jet Start

With Jet Start, kick start your microwave at a touch of a button.

Auto Cook Menus


  • Choose from a wide variety of pre programmed menus to prepare various exotic dishes at the comfort of your home.


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