tZaro Genuine Leather Men’s Boat Shoe – Timber


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About the product

  • Sole: manmade
  • Closure: slip on
  • Heel Height: 0.25 inches
  • Shoe Width: Medium
  • πŸ‘ž SHOE TYPE: TRUE MOC CONSTRUCTION BOAT SHOE: <br> The shoe has been made with classical moctoe technique. The upper is like an envelope – there is upper leather even below your feet. This gives the shoes ability to open up and take the shape of your feet. It also expands and contracts with every step you take in these. The shoe opening is somewhat bigger but it’s countered with snug fit towards front part of the shoe.
  • πŸ‘ž MATERIAL: GENUINE LEATHER: <br> The leather used in this boat shoe is premium grade oil pull. The shoe construction is naked leather [there is no lining on the inside]. The leather will soften in a few weeks of usage. And the color will evolve as Oil runs to edges as you use these shoes. Oil pull up is a premium family of leather.
  • πŸ‘ž FIT: SNUG FIT: <br> The shoe has snug fit which means it fits like socks. It will feel a bit tight in the beginning but then it will open up in few weeks of usage. This snug fit approach delivers a better fit – the shoe fits like a pair of socks which means lower friction and hence lower sweat and hence greater comfort. Unlike normal shoes – boat shoes have tighter fit in front but it will open up.
  • πŸ‘ž SOLE: TPR | CONSTRUCTION: HANDSEWN TO THE SOLE: <br> The TPR sole has a great life and it works well over indoor surface as well as out It will give you good grip {the herring pattern in the sole grooves results in better grip}. The upper is stitched to the sole. If you turn the shoe – you will see stitch running through the grooves. This adds to life as well as flexibility of the shoe.
  • SUPER CUSHIONED SHOE πŸ‘ž : <br> The shoe comes with layers of cushion – including tapered memory foam – which is thicker at the back and then it becomes thinner. This reduces stress on your feet and ankles and greatly adds to the comfort of the shoe. The cushion is designed to not lose it ability to keep your feet cushioned over few years.

Boat Shoes arrived way back in 1932; when Paul Sperry created a new kind of shoe which had this ability to give extra grip on the slippery surface of the ships. The herringbone pattern on the rubber sole proved to be extra useful. The shoe was made with moc-toe technique which gave it unique ability to expand and contract with every step. The larger shoe opening made it convenient to get in and out as well. TZARO boat shoes are very close to the ones made in 1932. Timber Series is an exceptional boat shoe made of premium family of leathers. This shoe is made with an Oil-Pullup leather. The thick leather gives it extra life as well as strong breathability. The TPR Sole will give you good grip and will work really well over the years. The derby pattern was popularized by Timberland in particular. The laces need to be adjusted only first few times after which this shoe is perfectly a slip-on shoe. The PU cushion is a world class one which will last over the years and will also reduce the stress on your knees significantly. These are must haves in your portfolio.

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