Panasonic 6.5 kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (NA-W65E5ARB, Blue, Powerful Motor, Active Foam System, Effective Wash Pulsator )


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About this item

  • Semi-automatic washing Machine: Economical, Low water and energy consumption; Has both washing and drying functions
  • Capacity 6.5 Kg: Suitable for families with 3 to 4 members ; 1350 RPM: Higher the Spin speed,lower the drying time
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years on product and 5 years on Motor
  • 360W Powerful Motor: The heavy motors used in Panasonic Semi Automatic washing machine makes it easy to wash heavy laundry like curtains , linens etc. as well as everyday clothes
  • Active Foam System: Stains are lifted from each crevice of the clothes more efficiently with high density foam generated by the system
  • 2 Wash Program, Quick 15 Minutes Wash Cycle and Rust-Proof Body
  • Aqua Spin Rinse : Powerful shower over a wide area effectively washes away foam to ensure thorough rinsing without leaving any dirt/detergent residue
  • Lint Filter: Cassette-type filter traps lint effectively at any water level and won’t tear. Thorough lint removal even when water level is low
  • Also Included in the box: 1 Washer unit, 1 User Manual, 1 Warranty Card
  • Inlet Pipe: 1.25 meters, Outlet Pipe: 1.12 meter

A Powerful Wash for Stubborn Stains


Our Technology is our Legacy

Panasonic is building on the Japanese tradition of uncompromising quality control, developing and manufacturing fine products and delivering them to customers worldwide. Our 70 years of washing machine manufacturing experience results in superior technology that is used in every Panasonic Washing Machine. In 2013, we topped the 100-million-unit mark in Washing Machines. Our washing machines are sold across the globe and their trustworthiness speaks for themselves.

Panasonic Washing Machines are designed for the best and easy use with each feature made to benefit the user in every wash course. The Powerful Motor used here helps to wash heavy laundry like curtains , linens as well as everyday clothes with ease. The Lint filters provided in the machines are designed to catch lint, pieces of wet paper that are accidentally left in the clothes ,this filter avoids any residue to stick on to the other clothes .


Active Foam System

The Active Foam System creates fine, high-density foam . The foam lifts, separates and removes dirt particles from deep within the fibers. Clothes get soaked along with the detergent. Foam sticks to the stains and soaks the dirt particles. Dirt is pulled out of the fine fibers and is washed away with the powerful flow of the water.




360W Powerful Motor

Now wash your heavy laundry like curtains, linenswith the strength of 360 W Powerful Motor in your washing machines. Its powerful shower of fresh water positioned at the center of the tub offers impactful washing.

15 Minutes Wash

Wash your clothes in a jiffy with Quick Wash Cycle, that’s designed to save your time while delivering optimum washing results.

Aqua Spin Rinse

Now no more detergent/dirt residues on your clothes with Aqua Spin Rinse. Its powerful shower and rigorous rinsing remove 100% detergent for a no-mark look.




Effective Wash Pulsator

The powerful rotating pulsator generates turbulent currents in the washing machine to spin the clothes back and forth. This takes off all the dirt from the fabric and leaves it clean thoroughly.

Lint Filter

The small pore mesh filter traps hard dirt or lint that is released from clothes while washing, irrespective of the water level.

Air Dry

The Air Dry features enables a strong flow of air to dry your clothes quickly, while removing high percentage of moisture from them.




2 Wash Programs & Buzzer

Choose between Normal Wash Program and Gentle Wash Program based on your fabric type and other washing preferences. Get notified with a buzzer on every cycle end.

Durable and Detachable Lids

Strong & built to last, Panasonic Washing Machines are made from high quality, scratch-proof material.

Rust-Proof Body

Tough wash calls for tough parts! Experience a smooth washing experience year by year, with highly durable body.

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