OYO BABY Waterproof Baby Bed Protector Dry Sheets for New Born Babies | Reusable Mats | Cot & Bassinet Gift Pack (Gift Pack 2, (Size : 70cm X 50cm),Blue + Pink)


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  • Waterproof Bed Protector: The waterproof OYO BABY Dry sheet allows no stagnation of body liquid and also prevents any excess dampness from getting in.
  • Best for New parents: Parents need a fabric that can tolerate the fluids in urgent situations without causing any toxic effect. This is best for new and would be parent for sound sleep without getting wet.
  • Solid Baby Colors: Natural Dyes are used to provide the adorable solid colors. Safe for daily use as it does not harm your baby while chewing. Moreover its, anti-allergic, heat-free, and hygienic.
  • Machine & hand Washable: Our waterproof under sheet is supported up too many washes. Simply hand wash or wash it in the machine, tumble dry, and put it back on the bed. Your sheet will be ready to offer premium protection, time and time again.
  • Extra Absorbent: Our reusable crib sheet constructed of 2-layer design which features a soft organic cotton top layer for added comfort and quicker wicking away of wetness, high absorbency and exclusive TPU water resistance inner layers, that absorbs 8 X water as its weight.


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Preparing for your baby even before they are born is something every parent does. Are you on that stage right now? Or did you just give birth to a new-born? Looking for the best and important things you need to add to the list of baby needs? Well, you should add dry sheets to that list for sure. But what are dry sheets? What do they do? How to use dry sheets for babies? Dry sheets are exactly what the name says. They help keep your baby dry and irritation-free at all times. Ever had the experience of constantly having to check if it’s wet while sleeping so that your little one sleeps peacefully? Well, these dry sheets save you time and give you and your baby a good night’s sleep by doing that work for you. Having a baby is nothing short of a good thing, along with a soft and comfortable baby dry sheet, as a small bundle of joy comes with a big problem, especially while sleeping. A parent cannot sleep if the baby pee, moves a lot and cry. Children often cry at night because of wet sheets. So, when it comes to dry sheets, parents never think of compromise. The new born baby is the most vulnerable when it comes to allergies, rashes and infections. The Comfort Beddings OYO BABY Dry Sheet is a comprehensive study of babies’ soft skin. We have excluded anything that could upset or even harm the baby in the slightest. This waterproof fabric is perfectly even for a new born’s sensitive skin with no risk of rashes or scratches. Moreover, it’s breathable and soft fabric supports excellent airflow. They also help in variable the body temperature of your baby. This is also perfect in the case of elders and patients. Is your baby not a newborn anymore? But still, have a few dry sheets and don’t know how to use them? Simple. Make use of it while your baby is doing some messy things like eating, painting etc. Children make a mess so placing the dry sheet on the floor before letting them do these things can be a life-saving hack for you.


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