One94Store Manual Hand Press Fruit Juicer with Heavy Quality Detachable Lever for Citrus Lime Juicer or Orange Juicer, Steel Handle Juicer for Instant Juice (Aluminium, Silver Color)


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About this item

  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE DESIGN: Heavy duty alloy body of the hand press Fruit Juicer make your hands will never run out of effort,the citrus squeezer’s bottom foot design makes the orange juicer can be easily and stably placed on the table, not easy to slip.Ergonomic manual juicer handle, Easier and more thoroughly for squeezing fruit.
  • MULTIPURPOSE MANUAL FRUIT SQUEEZER: One94Store manual Juicer isn’t solely a lemon kitchen utensil, conjointly suit for extract a spread of fruit crush, together with cirtus, orange, grapefruit, waterlemon and juice, simply any fruit you may consider. One glass of contemporary fruit crush to urge enough Vtamin C for your daily wants.
  • WIDE-RANGING USE & REMOVABLE COMPONENTS: Developed for home and skilled use – prepared to be used in restaurants, bars, and grocery stores or for beginning your juice stand. The elements of this drink kitchen utensil are removable for simple cleanup.
  • EASY TO USE: Triangle manual nozzle, anti dripping, clean to use, solid pouring. Using Automoness orange juice squeezer,Make Healthy and Fresh Juice Quickly and Easily ,Its so clean to make myself sparkling orange juice each morning is a breeze.
  • The manual juicer is made of high quality aluminium and maximum keep the original flavour of juice. There is no need to worry about rust during use
  • Food-Grade BPA Free Metal Juicer: The guide citrus juicer is made from excessive pleasant aluminum alloy,coating with Food-Grade layer. NO METAL FLAKES! Compare to the actual stainless-steel fruit juicer, this hand juicer is extra robust and durable. Please test the dimensions earlier than purchasing.

One94Store Manual Hand Press Fruit Juicer Heavy Quality Metal Aluminum alloy Juicer with Detachable Lever and Removable (Silver Color)

Manual hand juicer

Hand juicer

Juice Your Way

Whether you’d like to wake up each morning to fresh-squeezed juice, give a cocktail some fresh, natural flavor, or even use the juice to tenderize fish or poultry, you can do it all in more in comfort and safety with the Impress manual fruit juicer.

The best fruit squeezer is no good to you if you can’t easily separate the juice from the pulp and seeds. Our unique design keeps the juice reservoir cordoned off from the filter but without the gap that would allow undesirable parts of the fruit to ruin your juice. We even include two reusable filter bags!


  • Material: High quality aluminum alloy
  • Color: Silver
  • Type: Detachable
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Application: Manual juicer for orange, watermelon, lemon, apple, etc.

About this item:

Fruit juicer

Stainless steel juicer

Aluminum Juicer

Hand juicer

V-Shaped Conduction Overflow

Smooth juice pouring,Don’t hang on the wall No drip

Ensure your safety and health

Flexible Slot

Free movement,Stable and Doesn’t fall off

Easy to disassemble and install,Not cumbersome

Larger Juice Press Cover

All-round pressing juice without dead ends

Press the juice more thoroughly

Stable base

Thick base,Stable placement.Stabilize the main body without turning over

And Get Fresh juices for you and your family .

Fruit juicer for all fruit
Dispatchable juicer



  • The pure juicer is not only hand washable but also machine washable, completely freeing your hands. Stainless steel material keeps the hand juicer press in new condition forever.
  • The structure of the manual juicer is very simple, and the parts are removable for easy cleaning.
  • The whole body can be washed, rinse with water to clean.


Suitable for various types of fruits such as lime juice / lemon juice / citrus juice / ginger juice / apple juice / sugar cane juice, etc.

Manual juicer

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