mQFIT 8 in 1 Metal Beyb Toy Set and 2 Launchers (8 Blade, Beyb) (Multi_Color) for Kid


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  • Beyblad: includes 8 beyblad spinning top

Ideal for Gifting

This set of beyblades is great for gifting, due to its playful and appealing nature and its utility for kids. The child receiving the gift will undoubtedly enjoy playing with it, and spend hours making memories with it that will last a lifetime.

Battle Beyblades With Blades

Full Set

This is a complete set consisting of the beyblades, and the matching accessories needed to play with them. The whole set makes for an amazing toy and allows your kid to discover a new sense of fun within their recreational time.


Sturdy Plastic

These toys have been crafted with a sturdy plastic that ensures a long term use. The durable nature of the toys makes them great for day to day play hours and also makes them ideal for prolonged utility. They are also conveniently portable, which makes them great to play with while the family is on the move.

Beyblades Set

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