Kurtzy Glass Spice Jar (8pcs) – Square Shape Transparent Airtight Storage Container Set with 100ml Capacity – Clear Kitchen Clip-Top Lid Container


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  • SEE-THROUGH JARS: The see-through glass jar helps to identify what is stored inside even without opening it. It saves a lot of time and effort. The design is hands-on and looks very stylish in your kitchen.
  • AIR-TIGHT LID: The thick glass jar comes with a high-quality steel buckle making it spill-proof. The airtight silicon seal protects the aroma, flavours, and freshness of the content stored inside. The square-shaped transparent jar comes with an airtight clip top which doesn’t allow air to pass through, making the content inside safe from moisture.
  • DIMENSION: These 100ml glass canisters are so compact that it perfectly fits in your kitchen. Height:8cm, breadth: 4.5cm and lid 4cm. It’s always better to store things in smaller containers because it leaves less or no space for air to settle inside.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: This set of 8 glass containers allows you to store a variety of ingredients like spices, pulses, salt, sugar, baking component, pickle, oil, daily masalas, cereals, cloves, cardamoms, etc. You can also conveniently store chocolates and candies.
  • PERFECT GIFTING: These spice container set is a complete package of easy usage, elegant design, and air-tight silicon gasket ring along with steel buckle. Kurtzy’s pack of 8 glass canisters is a perfect gift for family and friends.



  • This set of glass jars has a specially designed clip-top stainless iron buckle lid which is to ensure a leak-proof and airtight seal.
  • They are made of thick glass material.
  • These glass jars have a wide opening that makes it easy to take the stored items from within.
  • The lid comes with a rubber gasket to ensure a tight lock.




  • These clear glass jars make great gifts and party favors – fill with whatever your heart desires, label each one personally and tie a ribbon around the lid.
  • They also make the perfect container to be used for wedding decorations, rustic themed birthday party decor, and tea light holders for your next dinner party or baby shower.
  • Whether filled with glitter, chili flakes, cotton balls, small dog treats, push pins, gumballs, or homemade coconut butter, you will be sure to see all the purposes it can serve.





  • It can be used for baby food, jam or jelly, wedding favors, spices, honey, cosmetics or homemade candles.
  • Perfect for Wedding Favours, Shower Favours, Party Favours, or Other Homemade Gifts.
  • Try filling with Bath Salts, Butter, Candy, Nuts, Buttons, Beads, Lotions, Essential Oils, and much more.




Each reusable mini jar container is equipped with an airtight gasket that seals in the aroma and flavor of your favorite herb. They’re also designed to prevent spills in the kitchen.



Along with the materials, you should also consider the size of the containers. Smaller is usually better when it comes to storing spices. A small container is important for restricting the amount of air and moisture that come into contact with the spice.

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