Intex 7 KG Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (Transparent Lid, Navy Blue and White, SA70NBPT)


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About this item

  • Improve efficiency and cleaning standards of clothes
  • Number of Knobs – 03 (Wash Timer, Wash / Drain Selector, Spin Timer)
  • Position of water inlet- Left for Washing & Right for Drying
  • 2 wash program, buzzer available, magic filter
  • Water level selector – Low, medium and high
  • Water level is adjustable, spin speed of min. 1300 RPM
  • Comes with safety cover for spin tub, warranty card available
  • Comprehensive 2 Year Warranty, next 3 Year only on wash motor
  • Powerful Motors with Temperature Over Protection

Collar Scrubber


1300 RPM Spinning Speed

Do not worry about the laundry that requires considerable time and effort to clean because our washing machine has an in-built collar scrubber. With its built-in collar scrubber, your collars and cuffs will be left looking clean and pristine.

3 Fins Pulsator superior technology and innovative design increase friction to achieve one of the best washes, resulting in a cleaner wash that removes bacteria and dirt from clothes.

Drying heavy loads are easy with the 1300 RPM spinning speed in the Intex washing machine.

2 Wash programs

anti rat design

High efficiency

Two castor wheel with 2 pads

The Rat Away Design keeps rats from entering and damaging your washing machine. The machine features a heavy duty base for extra strength, with a wide base and sturdy legs that will withstand heavy loads

With its simple, intuitive design, the washing machine combines high performance with low noise to make your laundry easier. Thanks to its easy-to-use control panel and ergonomic design, you can easily operate it.

2 castor wheel with 2 pads on the base allow you to move your washing machine smoothly and faster.

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