5000 + Daily Use English Sentences | Kanchan Keshari Paperback – Illustrated


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About the Item

About the Author
Kanchan Keshari is a renowned English Trainer and YouTuber. The founder of two eminent channels ‘English Connection’ and ‘Vidya Connection’, had started her inspiring journey in 2017 with just a paper pen and mobile videography. With more than 15 million subscribers today, her innovative teaching methods and modern pedagogical principles have helped and encouraged millions of students all over India. Her educational channel on YouTube – ‘English Connection’ has bagged the 6th position in Top Ten (Shorts Creator) in India.

About the Book
Kanchan Keshari is known for educating millions of learners that aspired to learn fluent English, through interactive methods. An initiative to further the English learning with simplicity and ease – this book provides a panoramic learning of English that people intend to use everyday. The author has provided interpretation of more than five thousand Hindi sentences in English as well as a compact dictionary to ease the learning process. The books is planned out in sections of 125 lessons with interactive 25 exercises, with the goal of effortless gradual learning.

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